Little note for myself

Well, it’s been a while scene the last post, I know… I heard 95% of people give up on thier new year resolution within 1 week, so I’m one of them. haha
I got cold and stayed on the bed for 3 days. I thought lots things. Recently many things happen to me, jobs and events and shooting, then I realised the most scarly thing is that I wouldn’t know why I do all the stuff. Of course I do it for myself, I do it just to enjoy myself, but when you take the offers passively and don’t invite people actively by yourself, eventually you’ll forget why you live or why you spend enegy and time for the things in front of you.
To move your hands, move your legs as you wish. That’s what I need to keep in my mind.

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  1. Love your bolg, and I an gald you switched to English.
    It s been a while for me to read any bolg actually. It’s nice to hear your other “voice”…

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