My new year’s resolution in 2019

Even while the holiday, I start to write the article after 1am. I need to think about how to arrange time in the morning. I change the language to English today by the way:)

My new year’s resolution is to listen my heart. It feels huge…haha I realized recently that I often give up to experience something. I didn’t to go to the art exhibitions, club events or nice restaurants I wanted to go, I didn’t talk to some one I actually wanted to, and I wasted my time for some other stuff I don’t even remember now. I can imagine how was the exhibition or events or the meeting, but the experience bring some result I couldn’t predict. I can be bored or disappointed with the that, but those experience stay with my blood.

Saying is easy, doing is hard. I don’t want to miss 365 new chances coming this year.


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