Obsession for Nipples

When you see young, aggressive (who’s not aggressive when you’re young) influencer’s post, often they complain about Instagram restrict of nudity. You cannot be naked or too sexual on Instagram. Your photos got reported and delated.

For your infomation, I love Bella hadid. PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/@bellahadid

They’re especially against showing only female nipple are prohibited. What’s the difference between male and female’s breasts. Female breasts can feed milk to baby, and also they also sexual objects. You cannot show your dick, vagina because they’re sexual objects. and female’s breasts are also sexual objects, so you have to hide them on public. It’s not so unnatural story. If you don’t need / you should not hide your sexual objects, you cannot wear cloths in summer. It connect to the discussion about identity of fashion.

Let’s back to the topic. So, their point is, why only female have to hide their nipple if it’s ok for male. But if you think naturally, it’s true that female breasts is sexual objects, wheather you accept the fact or not.

So, why young girls want to show thier nipple. If it’s ok to show their sexual objects, they eventually show their vagina, too?? What does nipple, just the little brown stuff, have lots meaning for us?

I think female nipple get people excited, that also because they’re sexual objects. And you can show your nipple in appropriate situation, like beach. That means that nipple is sexual figure which have to be hidden normally, but it’s ok to show them sometimes, and when they come up to the public, people get excited secretly. People love to know, see, experience and show things have to be hidden, it’s like the curiosity for ghost, drug, affair, or other family’s secrets.

And also I can say that young girls who show their nipples covered with star stickers and saying ‘My body, my choice!’, they just want attension from others. Because they of course know that their nipple are young attracktive object for society. Showing their nipples covers with cute stickers just seek limelight. In case you misunderstand, I suppoert feminism, ‘My body, my chice’ and I’m against slut shaming, my outfit today, a low‐cut dress, will prove.

If Instagram allow to post their anything, the feed will be mess, maybe sex, you can say porn, sneak photography, bullying, drug. To keep Instagram as feed for artists, It absolutely make sense to ban too much nudity, especially female nipples.

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